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Animal Re-homing Charitable Trust is registered with the Charities Commission as number CC50451.

It is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of animals ranging from mice to horses. We believe all species are entitled to live out the full length of their natural life spans either in their native environment or in the loving care of their human protectors.

We find suitable caregivers for homeless animals. An animal's homelessness may be due to abandonment, bereavement, neglect or abuse, overseas relocation, financial hardship, over-breeding, marital breakdown, lack of rental accommodation, illness and life-changing circumstances...to name a few.

We run a small shelter on the North Shore of Auckland where a limited number of homeless animals live or recover before their adoptions into carefully selected homes. For various reasons, some animals, including those who are terminally ill, make their permanent home in the loving environment of the shelter where they are cared for as family members.

We also support a rooster sanctuary managed by a wonderful couple of pensioners who devotedly care for dozens of our rescued cockerels. We are always looking for safe rooster homes and need constant help with whole chicken feed, building materials and vet bill payments.

If possible, we also step in when slaughter of unwanted animals such as chickens, geese, peafowl and cat colonies, is being considered by individuals or by councils. We capture the animals (de-sex them if cats, dogs or rabbits) and, if required, relocate them to private properties where they are cared for.

We liaise with many other agencies and widely advertise to find ideal homes for animals - including pound dogs who are facing lethal injections.

When time permits, Animal Re-homing is available for presentations where we provide information on animal care, the importance of adopting from shelters and of de-sexing and micro-chipping. Again when time permits, we give e-mail, website and phone advice, send newsflashes to our supporters and engage with the media and council officers for the betterment of animal well-being. We sometimes mediate for neighbours where the presence of animals is causing friction.

Along with daily chores, our fosterers and volunteers (aged from 17 years to 83 years) have the opportunity to learn hands-on animal care and rescue, and to tame and give comfort to various creatures while helping us with our lfe-saving work.

Animal Re-homing’s founder/operator was recognised in 2008 by the Mayor of North Shore City Council for assisting with the city’s animal issues and is a 2009 recipient of the New Zealand Companion Animal Council’s Assisi Award for services to animals. Animal Re-homing is an active member of the Auckland SPCA Cat Coalition.

We do not agree with selling any creature like a chattel, so rely entirely on donations to continue saving precious lives. Since Animal Re-homing was founded, we have re-homed literally thousands of beautiful creatures as a result of our comprehensive rescue, rehabilitation and interview processes.

We encourage the public to consider a vegan lifestyle so that 'food' and 'dairy' animals do not suffer farming practises and then have their young lives ended by slaughter. (See our 'Why Go Vegan?' pages).

Welcome to our compassionate world where the objective is to find homes for the homeless and to stop animal suffering at every level. Please help us to continue…

Thank you!